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 - short stories. (Digby, Long & Co, London 1905) - short stories. (Digby, Long & Co, London 1905)
-**His Island Princess** ​<color black/yellow>​No online copy</color>\\+**His Island Princess** ​[[https://books.google.dk/​books?​id=Xz1FAQAAMAAJ&​pg=PA292&​lpg=PA292&​dq="​His+Island+Princess"&​source=bl&​ots=EaYHy9-8gu&​sig=WamPZ9WG38zFcDLSlFxz0qTYczw&​hl=da&​sa=X&​ved=0ahUKEwjklMijrJLTAhWFNiYKHTd5CE8Q6AEIMzAJ#​v=onepage&​q=%22His%20Island%20Princess%22&​f=false|Read online (only available to US IP-adresses]]\\
 - with four illustrations by Henry Austin. (Methuen & Co., London 1905) - with four illustrations by Henry Austin. (Methuen & Co., London 1905)
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