The Works of William Clark Russell

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Fra Angelo Read online
- a tragedy in five acts (Russell's only play). Printed by J. C. Holten “for the author”, London 1865


Life's Masquerade Read online
- published anonymously. (Charles V. Wood, London 1867)

Russell acknowledges the authorship of this novel in an article in the 'Detroit Free Press'. See Ressources, W. Clark Russell at Home.

The Hunchback's Charge (No online copy)
- A Romance. (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, London 1867).


The Book of Authors Read online
- A collection of Criticisms, Ana, Môts, Personal Descriptions, etc., wholly referring to English Men of Letters in every Age of English Literature


Perplexity Read online
- writing as Sydney Mostyn. 3 volumes. (Henry S. King & Co., London 1872)

'Perplexity' is a very mild expression for the painful state of mental tension and bewilderment in which Mr. Mostyn's heroine and readers find themselves involved. - Such recurring flowers of speach as 'scintlllant iris', 'leprous lips', 'black clouds tinged with a horrible hue of blood', 'hard eyes making lumps on the white cap', &c., soon suffice to 'disillusion' us, even if wo are not 'frightened of' them. The plot is simple enough, as we hinted; we cannot add 'simplex munditia'. The worn-out machinery of a double bigamy is employed to extricate the actors, and an attempt is made to extort our approbation of the heroine. Mr. Mostyn has powers; we hope he will not employ them again in the production of a book which can give neither instruction nor pleasure to any one who chances to read it. - Excerpt from a review in the ATHENÆUM.

Representative Actors Read online
- A Collection of criticism, anecdotes, personal descriptions, etc. etc., referring to many celebrated British Actors from the sixteenth to the present Century. (Frederick Warne & Co., London)

The Memoirs of Mrs. Lætitia Boothby, written by Herself Read online
- Ed. by Clark Russell (of course this is a fiction, written by Russell!). Henry S. King & Co., London 1872)

The Surgeon's Secret Read online
- A Novel writing as Sydney Mostyn (Samuel Tinsley, London 1872)


Kitty's Rival (No online copy)
- A Story. 3 volumes. (Samuel Tinsley, London 1873)

Which Sister? Read online
- A Story in Two Volumes. (writing as Sydney Mostyn) (Richard Bentley & Son, London 1873)


As Innocent as a Baby Read online (link goes to vol. 1)
- published anonymously. In 3 volumes. (Richard Bentley & Son, 1874)

The Deceased Wife’s Sister - and - My Beautiful Neighbour Read online
- published anonymously. (Richard Bentley and Son, London 1874)

The Mystery of Ashleigh Manor Read online
- A Romance (writing as Eliza Rhyl Davies) (Richard Bentley & Son, London 1874)

Woman's a riddle; or, Baby Warmstrey Read online: Vol. 1 Vol. 2
Writing as Philip Sheldon. Henry S. King & Co., London 1874


A Dark Secret Read online
- writing as Eliza Rhyl Davies. (Richard Bentley & Son, London 1875)

Jilted - or - My Uncle's Scheme Read online
- A Novel, in three Vol's. Vol. 1 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 3 (Sampson Low, Marston, Low, & Searle, London 1875. No author's name given in book)

John Holdsworth: Chief Mate Read online
- In three Volumes (Sampson Low, Marston, Low, & Searle, London 1875)


Captain Fanny Read online
- In three Volumes.(Richard Bentley & Sons, London 1876)

Is he the Man? Read online
- A Novel in Three Volumes. (link goes to a later one-volume edition) (Tinsley Brothers, London 1876). Later editions also entitled “The Copsford Mystery, or, Is He The Man?”

The 'Lady Maud': Schooner Yacht Read online
- A Narrative of Her Loss on one of the Bahama Cays, from the Account of a Guest on Board. In three Volumes: Vol. 1 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 3 Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington. London 1876)


The Wreck Of The 'Grosvenor' Read online
- An Account of the Mutiny of the Crew and the Loss of the Ship when trying to make the Bermudas. In Three Volumes. (Link goes to a later one-volume edition) (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington. London 1877)


Auld Lang Syne Read online
- In two Volumes. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, London 1878)

The little Loo Read online (later one-volume edition with WCR as named author)
A Story of the South See. In three Volumes. (Writing as Sydney Mostyn) - (Samuel Tinsley & Co., London 1878)


A Sailor's Sweetheart Read online
- An Account of the Wreck of the Sailing Ship 'Waldershare', from the Narrative of mr. William Lee, Second Mate. In three Volumes. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington. London 1880)


An Ocean Free-Lance Read online
- From A Privateer's Log, 1812. In three Volumes. (Richard Bentley & Son, London 1881) - Link goes to a later one-volume edition.


My Watch Below; Or, Yarns Spun When Off Duty Read online
- By a Seafarer. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London 1882 - Simultaneously by Harper and Brothers, New York.) Reprinted from the London “Daily Telegraph”)

Short stories, essays etc.: Jack in the Forecastle - A Trip in a Collier - The Wreck of the “Indian Chief” - On a Lightship - In the North Sea, on a Smack - A Hovelling Job - A Terrible Voyage - The Great Gale of January, 1881 - A Dream of Trafalger - Among the Savages - Famine on Shipboard - A Struggle for Life - Man Overboard - Battened Down - The Flying Dutchman - A Sailor's Yarn - A Deadly Cargo - A Noble Band - On a Cattle Ship - A Festive Retrospect - A Pre'ntive's Yarn - A Negro's Narrative - The Middy's Yarn - A Foreign Emigrant Ship - In a Cyclone - A Mutiny at Sea - A Quiet Yarn - A Tobacco Parliament - A Passenger's Story - Water-Logged - Long Shoremen - A Towing Job - An Anchor Watch - A Runaway Ship - The Skipper's Story - On the Death of Richard Dana, January, 1882


A Sea Queen Read online
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London and Harper And Brothers, New York, 1883. Also as serializations in The Bolton Weekly Journal, 25 November 1882-16 June 1883 and The Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25 November 1882-9 June 1883

Little Loo Read online (later one-volume edition with WCR as named author)
Little Loo (1. ed. 1878 was published under the pen name Sydney Mostyn, later editions as W. clark Russell)

Round The Galley Fire Read online
(short stories and sketches, orig. publ. in The Daily Telegraph) Content: - - A Dance at Sea - Going Aloft - A Trick at the Wheel - Off the Horn - A Strange Chase - A Salvage Job - A Channel Incident - Loss of a Smack's Crew - Fire at Sea - Sea-Sickness - A Log Extract - In an Open Boat - Waiting for a Ship - Skippers' Wives at Sea - Sea Songs - An Hour's Row - The Pleasures of Yachting - A Drunken Ship - A Sailor's Club - The Perils of Humanity - Smack Apprentices - Gravesend - A Chat with a Fisherman - A Fourpenny Voyage - Poor Jack - On the Goodwin - The Strangers' Home. - (Chatto and Windus: London, 1883)

Sailors' Language Read online
- A Collection of Sea-Terms and their Definitions. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, London 1883)

The North-East Ports and Bristol Channel Read online
- being sketches of the towns, docks, ports, and industries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, The Hartlepools, Middlesbro’, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea. (Printed and published by Andrew Reid, Printing Court Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1883)


English Channel ports: and the estate of the East and West India Dock Co. Read online (only available to US IPs "for copyright reasons")
- sketches of the towns, docks, ports, and industries of Plymouth, Penzance, Southampton, Falmouth, Ramsgate, and Newhaven, including a description of the East and West India Docks, and the Tilbury Docks. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London 1884)

Jack's Courtship Read online
- A Sailor's Yarn Of Love And Shipwreck. Three volumes. Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London 1884)

On the fo'k'sle Head Read online
- A Collection of Yarns and Sea Descriptions. Content: Sea Yarns - Jack's View of It - The Romance of the Deep - Sea-Terms Ashore - Jack's Bairns - An Ocean Waif - The Last Man - A Picture - A Sailor's Wedding - A Turnpike Sailor - Jack Ashore - Sailor's Hardships - A Salt-Water Cure - The “Victory” - Ocean Messages - Types of Long-Shoremen - Seafaring Delights - Diving - A Growler - An Old Smuggler - From a Top Window - Derelicts - A Bewitched Ship - The Dangers of the Sea - Jack's Ways and Means - A Sailors Friend - Mr. Lord's Adventure. (Chatto and Windus, London 1884)


A Strange Voyage Read online
(Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London 1885. Also serialized in “Belgravia”, January-December 1885)

In The Middle Watch Read online
- short stories. Content: Come, all you Lively Hearties - A Yachtsman's Yarn - Tugs - A Veteran - Lights at Sea - Captain Weevils Yarn - Vanished Types - A Ship's Wheel - Sailor's Food - Deal Puntmen - The Nautical Drama - “Coopering” - A Twister - A Chat with a Coxswain - Alarms at Sea - A Close Shave - Figure-heads - Slaving in 1884 - Sharks and Shadows - Sea Stories - The Direst of all Sea Perils - Emigrant's Rations - Ship's Names - Fighting Merchant Seamen - Endurance at Sea - A Wild Night (Chatto and Windus, London 1885)


A Voyage To The Cape Read online
- short stories. Content: To Plymouth - To Madeira - Heading South - The Master's Responsibilities - Boats and Stores - Passed the Canaries - The Barque “Perthshire” - New Year's Eve at Sea - In the South Atlantic - Missing! - An Australian's Yarn - Longshore Twisters - To Table Bay - Table Bay - Cape Town - An Important Undertaking - Coastwise to Algoa Bay - To East London - Shipwreck: Its Tragedies and Comedies - To Mossel Bay - Homeward Bound - “It acted like a Charm” - At Chat with the Mate - The Phantom Ship - Home! (Chatto and Windus, London 1886)


A Book for the Hammock Read online
- short stories. Content: A Nautical Lament - Superstitions of the Sea - Old Sea Ordnance - The Honour of the Flag - The Naval Officer's Spirit - Women as Sailors - Fighting Smugglers - Sea Phrases - The and Now - Costly Shipwrecks - Curiosities and Disasters at Sea - Infernal Machines - Queer Fish - Strange Craft - Mysterious Disappearances - Rich Captures - Peculiarities of Rig - How the Old Navigators Managed - Plates and Rivets - French Smacksmen - Old Sea Customs - Who is Vanderdecken? (Chatto & Windus, London 1887)

The Frozen Pirate Read online
(Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London 1887, same year W. Bryce, Toronto. Originally a serial in “Belgravia” 1887)

The Golden Hope Read online
- A Romance Of The Deep. (Hurst and Blackett Ltd., London 1887)


The Death Ship Read online
- Being An Account Of A Cruise In 'The Flying Dutchman,' Collected From The Papers Of The Late Geoffrey Fenton, Of Poplar, Master Mariner (Hurst and Blackett, London 1888)

The Mystery Of The 'Ocean Star' Read online
- A Collection of Maritime Sketches. Short stories. Content: The Mystery of the “Ocean Star” - The Extraordinary Adventure of a Chief Mate - Thirst! An Ocean Incident - Pictures at Sea - Foul of a Waterspout - Hazardous Voyages - Forecastle Traits - The Old Sea dog - Marine Punishments - Calms and Seas - Longshoreman's Yarns - The British Sailor - Lifeboats and their Crews - Weevil's Lecture - Old Ships - Seaside Effects - An Ocean Mystery - The Old Naval Song - An Old Shipwright - Can these Dry bones Live? - “That the Little Tommy” - A Luminous Sailor - Spanish Armada (Chatto & Windus, London 1888)


Betwixt the Forelands Read online (Newspaper feuilleton!)
- Historical Essays. (Sampson Low & Co., London 1889)

Marooned Read online
- Poems, later edition as 'The Father of the Sea; and other Legends of the Deep'. (Macmillan & Co., London 1889)

The Romance of Jenny Harlowe - And Sketches of Maritime Life Read online
- Short stories and essays. Content: The Romance of Jenny Harlowe - Jeremy York - Jim's Reformation - A Hail from Aloft - Old Jupiter - A Strange Bellman - Lamed on the Goodwins - Jem Burton's Adventure - A Smuggler's Lair - 'Longshoremen - Sailor's Pleasure - Jack according to Landsmen - Sailors' Stories - The Sailor's Philosophy - Sailors' Rights and Wrongs - Sailors' Perils - Sailors' Food - Sailors' Superstitions - Sailors' Songs - Portic Aspects of Sea-Life - The Shipmaster's Responsibilities - Vanished Forms of the Sea-Life - Memorable Experiences (Chatto and Windus, London 1889. Also D. Appleton & Co., New York 1889)

William Dampier Read online
A biography. (MacMillan & Co., London and New York 1889)


An Ocean Tragedy Read online
- A Novel.(Chatto and Windus, London 1890. Also as serial in The “Newcastle Weekly Courant”, 1 June-21 December 1889)

Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England Read online
- A biography. By W. C. Russell. With the collaboration of W. H. Jacques. With illustrations. (G. P. Putnam's Sons, London 1890)

My Shipmate Louise Read online
- The Romance Of A Wreck (Chatto and Windus, London 1890, also as serial in “Chambers' Journal”, 4 January-25 October 1890)

Nelson's Words and Deeds Read online
- A Selection from the Dispatches and Correspondence of Horation Nelson (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington. London 1890)


Miss Parson's Adventure Read online
(in Short Stories: A Magazine of Select Fiction - vol. 8 (1891) - page 179

A Marriage at Sea Read online
(Methuen & Co., London 1891)

Collingwood Read online
- A biography. Later editions as 'The Life of Admiral Lord Collingwood'). Illustrated by F. Brangwyn. (Methuen & Co., London 1891)

Curatica, or Leaves from a Curate’s Note-Book No online copy
- (1): My First Curacy. Writing as “Sydney Mostyn, Rev.”. (Leadenhall Press, London, 1891)

Master Rockafellar's Voyage Read Online
- with illustrations by Gordon Browne. (Methuen & Co., London 1891)

My Danish Sweetheart Read online
- the Romance of a Month. (Methuen & Co., London 1891. Also serialized in * “The Illustrated London News”, 3 January-27 June 1891 and “The Penny Illustrated Paper”, 11 April-3 October 1891)


A Strange Elopement Read online
- ill. by W. H. Overend. (MacMillan & Co., London and New York 1892)

Alone On A Wide Wide Sea Read online
- In three volumes. (Chatto and Windus, London 1892)

Mrs. Dines's Jewels Read online
- A Mid-Atlantic Romance. (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, London 1892)

The British Seas Read online
- Picturesque Notes by William Clark Russell and Other Writers. (Charles Cagney, P. G. Hamerton, A. J. Church and James Purves. Russell authored 3/4 of the book). (Seeley & Co., London 1892)

The Tragedy of Ida Noble Read online
(Hutchinson & Co, London 1892; also D. Appleton and Company, New York 1892)


List, Ye Landsmen Read online
- A Romance Of Incident. (Cassell & Co., London/New York 1893)

The Emigrant Ship Read online
(Cassell Publishing Co., London/New York 1893. Also serialized in “The People: A Newspaper for All Classes”, 11 June-26 November 1893)

The Romance of a Transport Read online
(Mershon Company / Cassell Company, London/New York 1893)


Stay-at-Home Husbands, and how to manage them Read online (only available to US IP-adresses)
- by one of themselves. Edited [or rather, written] by … S. Mostyn. (Writing as Sydney Gwenffrwd Mostyn) (Gay & Bird, London 1894) 1)

The Good Ship Mohock Read online
(Chatto & Windus, London / D. Appleton & Co., New York 1894. Also serialized in New York Times July 1894-)


Heart Of Oak Read online
- A Three-Stranded Yarn. 3. volumes. (Chatto & Windus, London 1895)

The Convict Ship Read online
- 3 volumes (Chatto and Windus, London 1895)

The Honour of the Flag Read online
- New collection of short stories - some of them from previous anthologies. Contents: The Honour of the Flag - Cornered! - A Midnight Visitor - Plums from a Sailor's Duff - The Strange Adventures of a South Seaman - The Adventures of Three Sailors - The Strange Tragedy of the 'White Star' - The Ship Seen on the Ice (G. P. Putnam's Sons, London / New York 1895)

The Phantom Death, And Other Stories Read online
(previously printed in The Idler, To-Day, Strand Magazine, Pall Mall Magazine and Phil May's Annual) Contents: The Phantom Death - Brokers' Bay - The Lazarette of the 'Huntress' - A Memory of the Pacific - 'So Unnecessary!' - The Major's Commission - A Nightmare of the Doldrums - 'Try for her in Fifty' - The 'Chiliman' Tragedy - The Secret of the Dead Mate - The Transport 'Palestine' (Chatto & Windus, London 1895)


A Noble Haul Read online
(in: Little Novels. vol. 11. T. Fisher Unwin, London / New Amsterdam Publishing Co., New York 1896)

Tales of our Coast Read online
5 short stories by Samuel Rutherford Crockett, Gilbert Parker, Harold Frederic, Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch and W. Clark Russell ('That there Mason', pp. 179-203) - With twelwe illustrations by Frank Brangwyn. (Chatto & Windus, Londong / Dodd, Mead and Company, New York 1896)

The Tale Of The Ten Read online
- A Salt Water Romance. 3 volumes. (Chatto & Windus, London 1896)

“Maritime novel concerning piracy of a ship laden with gold on a voyage from Sydney to the United Kingdom. Generally assumed to have been inspired by the disappearance of the Madagascar between Melbourne and London in 1853.” [NLA]

What Cheer! Read online
- The sad story of a wicked sailor. (Cassell & Co., London 1896)


Pictures from the Life of Nelson Read online
- Articles from English Illustrated Magazine. (James Bowden, London 1897)

The Last Entry Read online
(Chatto & Windus, London 1897 - also as serial in “Today”, London 1896)

The Tale of Two Tunnels Read online
(Chapman & Hall, London 1897)

The Two Captains Read online
- illustrated by J. B. Rosenmeyer. (Sampson Low, Marston & Co., London 1897)

The Wreck of the 'Corsaire' Read online
(C. H. Sergel Company, Chicago 1897)


The Romance Of A Midshipman Read online
(T. F. Unwin, London / R. F. Fenno & Co., New York, 1898)


The Ship: Her story Read online
- Illustrated by H. C. Seppings Wright. (Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York 1899) “Gossip about Ships” from the Pall Mall Magazine.

An Atlantic Tragedy Read online
(Drexel Biddle & Co., Philadelphia/New York/London 1899) Earlier edition 1897?


A Voyage at Anchor Read online
(E. V. White & Co., London 1900)

Miss Spinney No online copy)
- A Novel. (Writing as Sydney Mostyn, Rev.) (Leadenhall Press, London 1900)

Rose Island Read online
The Strange Story Of A Love Adventure At Sea. (Edward Arnold, London 1900)

The 'Pretty Polly' Read online
- A Voyage of Incident. With twelwe illustrations by G. E. Robertson. (Chatto & Windus, London 1900)


The Ship's Adventure Read online
- US title was “The Mate of the Good Ship York, or, The Ship's Adventure” (Boston, 1902) - (Archibald Constable & Co., London 1901)


Overdue Read online
(Chatto & Windous, London 1903)

The Captain's Wife Read online
- “The Ship's Adventure in yet another disguise! (L. C. Page and Company, Boston 1903)


Abandoned Read online
(Methuen & Co., London 1904)

Wrong Side Out Read online
(Chatto & Windus, London 1904)


An Atlantic Tragedy and other stories Read online (found the main story in an earlier edition)
- short stories. (Digby, Long & Co, London 1905)

His Island Princess Read online (only available to US IP-adresses
- with four illustrations by Henry Austin. (Methuen & Co., London 1905)

The Yarn Of Old Harbour Town Read online
(T. Fisher Unwin, London 1905)


The Turnpike Sailor Read online
- or Rhymes on the Road Recited By Buccaneers, Privateers, Slavers, and Sailors of All Degree. 16 'metrical' tales. (Poetry) (Skeffington & Son, London 1907)


The Father of the Sea Read online
- and other tales of the deep. (Poetry, parts of them from The Turnpike Sailor). (Sampson Low, Marston & Co., London 1911.)


  • John Addy (Secretary of “The Sherlock Holmes Society of London” and a Russell-specialist)
  • Gale Literary Database (internet, via Webrary)
  • State Library of Tasmania: The Victorian and Edwardian Collection
  • British Library
  • National Library of Australia (NLA)
  • National Library of New Zealand
  • Library of Congress
  • Royal Library, Copenhagen
  • Danish libraries at
  • Antiquaries in Denmark and abroad
  • The Internet Archive
- NOTE: This may not be a WCR-title - actually there was a dr. Sydney Gwenffrwd Mostyn (1866-1926) living at the time!
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