to the homepage of William Clark Russell, 19th century anglo/american writer of sea yarns.

And why create at site in honor of some long dead and to some extent forgotten writer?

Well - ever since I read a Clark Russell novel for the first time - around the age of ten; it was a danish edition of “The Tragedy of Ida Noble” - I've regarded mr. Russell as one of the truly great adventure authors. To me, he is in the same league as Jules Verne, Capt. Marryat and the like - authors, that nowadays mostly are published as heavily abridged children's books (but whose production originally wasn't really aimed at children …)

So, when I started my ebook publishing venture, it felt natural to have a Clark Russell work among the first of my editions. Along the way, I've compiled a fairly complete list of his works, both in the original english and the danish/scandinavian editions. I've also collected various pictures of mr. Russell and - with some effort, and the invaluable help of mr. John Addy, secretary of the Conan Doyle Society in London, and a great connaisseur of Clark Russell - some biographical facts.

This material now forms the core of this site - The William Clark Russell Site.

Enjoy! - and feel free to comment the site via the Contact page.

Also check out the Wikipedia page on Russell: William_Clark_Russell

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And some more …

Some more online reads available on the Works page (three of them only available to US IP-adresses “for copyright reasons”)

  • A Sea Queen (1883)
  • English Channel ports: and the estate of the East and West India Dock Co. (1884) only available to US IP-adresses
  • Stay-at-Home Husbands, and how to manage them (1894) - only available to US IP-adresses
  • His Island Princess (1905) - only available to US IP-adresses
2017/04/07 14:41 · kimnjensen

New online reads

The Works page has been updated with some new online reads:

  • As Innocent as a Baby (1874)
  • Woman's a riddle; or, Baby Warmstrey (1874)
  • The little Loo (1878/1883)
  • Mrs. Dines's Jewels (1892)
  • Miss Parson's Adventure (1894) has been moved to 1891, since I've found an online edition of the story in Short Stories: A Magazine of Select Fiction from that year.
2017/04/05 21:08 · kimnjensen
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